Founded 1913

People have been rowing on beautiful Lake Okanagan under the auspices of the Kelowna Rowing Club since 1913. The Club and its equipment was originally housed in the Aquatic Center situated in City Park. At the very beginning the Club had three boats built in Vancouver. They were rowed by teams representing the Kelowna Fire Brigade, B.N.A. Tobacco Company and the Club. Over the years a floating dock was added to the Aquatic Center facilities so rowers could access the water without getting their feet wet. One of the original lapstreak rowing shells has been preserved by the Kelowna Museum and Archives.

After the Aquatic Center burned down in 1969, the Club moved to the Kelowna Yacht Club facility. It moved again in the 1980s to the Central Okanagan Sailing Association facilities on Hobson Road in the lower Mission. For the last 9 years the Club has rowed out of Green Bay Bible Camp in West Kelowna, and in 2018 moved to the West Kelowna Yacht Club.

Kelowna Rowing Club has been kept alive by the passion and dedication of volunteers who love to row and introduce the sport to others.

Photo Archive

Young men carrying quad shell - Aquatic Centre at City Park - 1950s
Jim Chittenden rowing a single scull. Photo by Chris Clarke. 1982
Sweeping 8 crew going towards Kelowna bridge.
Women Quad OUC
Mens 8
Mens 8
Mixed Doubles OUC
Sweep 8 Crew - 1980s
Sweep 8 Crew - 1980s